Ballistic Forensics
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Solution for fixed or mobile forensic laboratories

Trace-Ballistic is a compact, integrated and multi-patented ballistic retrieval system for Forensic Laboratories and Police Departments. Employing its patented chain of evidence-software for measurement, labelling and recording, TRACE facilitates the capturing of examinable projectiles and cartridge casings; it is lead and particle free. Recorded data may be entered into IBIS/NIBIN or a regional equivalent.

Operator Safety
Instant retrieval
Unlimited daily shots

Why the need?

When a gun is made, the manufacturing equipment etches microscopic markings — somewhat like fingerprints — onto the gun’s metal parts. These markings, called tool marks, are transferred to a bullet or cartridge case when the gun is fired. Just as no two sets of fingerprints are alike, no two firearms are the same. For example, two identical 9mm pistols will not produce identical markings on the bullet and the casing.

When crimes are investigated in which firearms have been used, ballistic imaging of such projectiles and cartridge casings often plays a vital role in solving a crime.

Why choose TRACE?

An innovative, compact, clean, safe and mobile system; an efficient tool for volume retrieval processing. Patented software and a friendly-to-use touch-screen operation makes for an efficient retrieval process as well as complete control over chain-of-custody documentation. An integrated filtration system eliminates the need for TRACE to be used in an isolated area for risk of lead contamination, and, being mobile, it is practical for use in laboratories where space is often at a premium.

Whilst numerous methods of bullet collection exist, TRACE stands quite alone.

Major Cédric Sautier
"This is a night and day difference to the manual method we had to use before, we have our result literally in a couple of seconds, it is clean, safe and can handle large caliber rounds. Our processing time has improved significantly." La Gendarmerie Nationale de France
Chief David Snowden
"This technology is a break-through for speeding up the forensic and investigative process to enter not just the shell casings but the bullet data as well from seized and confiscated weapons to match against the database."




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